Hailey Bieber Omits Justin from Gloomy Bedroom Selfie, Sparking Speculation of Marriage Issues

Hailey Bieber found herself in the midst of speculation about her marriage as she cropped her husband, Justin Bieber, out of a selfie that she posted on social media.

The photo, taken on Christmas Day in their Los Angeles home, showed Hailey lounging in bed, makeup-free, wearing a simple white shirt and a silver chain around her neck. Her hair was tied up, and she stared off to the side without smiling. Behind her, there was a man's arm, seemingly belonging to Justin, but he was not tagged or included in the photo . Instead, Hailey angled the camera to focus solely on herself, cropping him out of the image. Despite being known for sharing their affectionate moments on social media, the couple has been spending more time apart lately and has been seen looking less happy in public.

During a recent church sermon in Beverly Hills, they appeared distant and didn't display their usual public displays of affection. Even on a date night in Los Angeles, they seemed solemn, further fueling speculation about their relationship.   Hailey and Justin have been open about the challenges they face, both individually and as a couple. Despite the speculation and rumors, it's important to remember that every relationship has its own unique set of circumstances, and we should respect their privacy during this difficult time.

As fans, let's hope that Hailey and Justin can work through their issues and come out stronger on the other side. We wish Hailey and Justin all the best as they work through their marital issues and hope they find happiness and fulfillment in whatever path they choose.