Bold and Unapologetic: Adele Shuts Down Body Shamers with Empowering Words on Self-Acceptance! 💪🚫👎✨


During a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey as part of her CBS concert special, Adele opened up about her 100-pound weight loss and how fans reacted to her transformation.  The Grammy-winning singer shared that she began working out to deal with her anxiety, which was triggered by her divorce.  She described the anxiety attacks as "terrifying" and paralyzing.

Adele emphasized the positive impact exercise had on her mental health.  Going to the gym became a source of comfort and trust for her.  She trusted her trainer and found solace in his presence.  It became her daily routine, something she could rely on when everything else felt overwhelming.


 Having a "plan" for her workouts helped her stay grounded.

While Adele clarified that she wasn't intentionally trying to lose weight, she acknowledged that the process played a significant role in getting her mind right and giving her a sense of purpose.  When asked about the public's reaction to her weight loss, she explained that her body had been objectified throughout her career.   She never looked up to anyone because of their body or admired them for their appearance.

Adele firmly stated that


she was body positive then and remains body positive now.  She doesn't feel responsible for validating how others feel about their bodies, though she expressed sympathy for anyone who feels bad about themselves because of her transformation.   Her focus is on sorting out her own life.

Regarding her future weight fluctuations, Adele expressed indifference.  Her main concern is maintaining her muscle memory, as weightlifting is her favorite activity.  She even shared that at her peak fitness level, she could deadlift 160 or 170 pounds.  Admitting that she enjoys eating, she mentioned indulging in Chinese food and finding the best McDonald's recently.

Ending the interview segment on a lighthearted note, Adele playfully mentioned her boxing skills.

"I got a left hook that could kill ya."