From Klaus to Katherine, The Best 'The Vampire Diaries' Villains, Ranked

The Vampire Diaries, which delved into the town's history, the Salvatore brothers' past, and the constant threats to Mystic Falls. Here are the top villains from the series.

9. Atticus Shane: A cunning professor who seeks to bring his family back to life by manipulating others and committing crimes.

8. Qetsiyah: The most powerful witch, betrayed by Silas, seeks revenge but causes collateral damage in the process.

7. Dr. Wesley "Wes" Maxfield: A brilliant professor with an obsession with wiping out vampires by making them feed on each other.

6. Sybil: A siren who feasts on human flesh and manipulates Damon with her psychic abilities.

5. Silas: The world's first immortal witch who instills fear and manipulates others. He tricks Atticus and tortures Stefan.

4. The Mikaelson Family: A group of vampires who bring havoc throughout the series. Esther plans to kill her children, Mikael hunts vampires, Rebekah's anger leads to deaths, and Elijah becomes the voice of reason.

3. Katherine Pierce: Evil and manipulative, she plays games with the Salvatore brothers and is dangerous due to her understanding of others' actions.

2. Klaus Mikaelson: The nastiest of the Mikaelson family, an Original vampire with werewolf blood. Unstoppable and selfish, he will do anything to get his way, including forcing Stefan to become a Ripper.

1. Kai Parker: The most evil antagonist in the series, a sociopathic witch who kills his family members, commits mass murder, and tries to kill his nieces. Their relentless pursuit of power and revenge made them the most evil characters in the show.