Dolly Parton says Sylvester Stallone helped her lose weight after she lost confidence in herself

Dolly Parton has revealed that Sylvester Stallone helped her regain her confidence and get back into shape during a time when she was lacking self-assurance.

In an interview with Saga Exceptional, Parton recalled receiving advice from Stallone, her co-star in the 1984 film "Rhinestone." Both actors were also honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the same month. Parton admitted that there was a period in her career when she had lost confidence due to weight gain.

She revealed that she finally decided to do something about it, saying, "Get off your fat ass and do something about it!" Stallone encouraged her to give up unhealthy foods, particularly white bread and processed items. Parton, who considers herself a "country girl," admitted that she still indulges in these foods, but less frequently than before. When it comes to exercise, Parton shared that she does "just enough to get by" and owns some high-heeled sneakers.

Throughout her successful career, Parton has been open about her diet and body positivity. She follows a low-carb diet during the week but enjoys her favorite Southern meals on the weekends. She also revealed that her husband, Carl Dean, loves her cooking, and she enjoys preparing meals for him, including gravy, biscuits, fried sausage, and spam.

Parton expressed concern for young girls today, sharing that she worries they feel pressured to look like models or celebrities they see on television. She emphasized the importance of self-acceptance and encouraged young girls to embrace themselves as they are.

Overall, Parton's interview with Saga Exceptional highlighted her journey towards regaining confidence and staying true to herself despite societal pressures. Stallone's advice played a significant role in helping her make positive changes to her lifestyle and mindset. Parton's candidness about her struggles with body image provides inspiration and a reminder to embrace oneself and prioritize self-acceptance.