Mariska Hargitay & Teen Adopted Daughter Share Heartwarming Hug in Rare Pic Years after She Cried Becoming Her Mom

Mariska Hargitay is a well-known actress, famous for her role in the hit series "Law & Order."     But beyond her successful career, she is a devoted wife to fellow actor Peter Hermann and a loving mother to their three children, August, Andrew, and Amaya Josephine Hermann.

While she usually keeps her family life private, a close friend recently shared some heartwarming moments from their gathering at the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant. On July 1st, Mariska and her family were spotted enjoying a meal at the popular restaurant. 

But Mariska's journey to motherhood wasn't always easy. At 42 years old, she faced a higher risk of pregnancy complications, leading her and Peter to explore other options to expand their family. They decided to pursue adoption and, with the help of an amazing lawyer, they began their journey. Their family grew when they received the surprise news of baby Andrew's arrival through adoption. The process was not without its challenges, as they experienced multiple false starts and complications. However, their perseverance paid off when they heard about a young pregnant woman who was excited to give her baby up for adoption.  The couple eagerly awaited the arrival of their baby girl, and when she was born, they had the chance to bond with her for two blissful days, even naming her.  But their joy was short-lived when the birth mother changed her mind, leaving them devastated. Fortunately, their luck turned around when their lawyer and social worker found another mother who was willing to give her baby up for adoption.

 And just when they thought their family was complete, they received a surprise call from their lawyer, informing them of another baby boy available for adoption. Without hesitation, they welcomed baby Andrew into their loving family. Mariska and Peter are grateful for their journey to parenthood and feel blessed to have such a beautiful and diverse family. Their love for each other and their children shines through, and despite the challenges they faced, they wouldn't trade their amazing life for anythig.