Rapper Cardi B Blasts Offset in the Aftermath of Their Breakup: “You’ve Been Doing Me Dirty!“


Hip-hop star Cardi B has taken to social media to express her frustration with fellow rapper Offset following their recent breakup.

The couple's split played out on Instagram, with the first act being the unfollowing saga. Fans speculated about the breakup after the couple unfollowed each other and posted cryptic messages on their Instagram Stories.

Cardi hinted at outgrowing the relationship, while Offset denied any issues by posting a clip from the movie Scarface. Cheating allegations have plagued the couple throughout their relationship. In 2018, they briefly separated due to a threesome scandal, but later reconciled.


In 2020, Cardi filed for divorce, but the couple reunited after Offset made grand gestures to win her back. However, on December 15th, Cardi vented on social media, accusing Offset of mistreating her and not acknowledging her assistance. The exact trigger for Cardi's outburst remains uncertain, but Offset recently faced cheating accusations from Blueface, which he promptly denied.

As the new year begins, Cardi has declared herself single and excited for a fresh start, dropping hints that have left fans speculating. Meanwhile, Offset is sharing glimpses of his music sessions and quality time with his son on social media. The future of their relationship is unclear.

Will they remain friends, co-parents, or cut ties completely? Fans who once believed in their resilience are now shocked and saddened by the end of their union. As this chapter of Cardi B and Offset's love story comes to a close, hip-hop enthusiasts are left wondering what the next track in their symphony will bring.