‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast: Where Are They Now? Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and More

"The Vampire Diaries," a popular vampire-themed series, premiered in 2009 and ran for eight seasons until 2017. Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, the show followed the lives of mythical creatures and humans. The series featured a love triangle between teenager Elena Gilbert and vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, which divided fans into Team Stefan and Team Damon.

Offscreen, the cast formed a strong bond, partially thanks to a group text. Here is what the cast has been up to since the show premiered.

Ian Somerhalder, who played vampire Damon Salvatore on the show, went on to star in the series "V-Wars" and appeared on "Good Mythical Morning." He also produced "V-Wars" and created his own bourbon brand, Brother's Bond Bourbon, with his former onscreen brother, Paul Wesley. Somerhalder married Nikki Reed in 2015 and they have two children together.

Paul Wesley, who portrayed Stefan Salvatore, narrated the short film "Aliens" and played Tucker Reed on "Tell Me a Story." He has also taken on producer and director roles, including directing episodes of "Legacies" and "Batwoman." Wesley joined "Star Trek: Strange Worlds" as Captain Kirk in 2022. He was previously married to Torrey DeVitto and is currently dating Natalie Kuckenburg.

Nina Dobrev, who played Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce, left the show in 2015 but returned for the series finale in 2017. She has since appeared in films such as "Flatliners," "Dog Days," "Run This Town," and "Lucky Day."

Dobrev will make her debut as a producer with the upcoming film "Sick Girl." She is currently dating snowboarder Shaun White.

Candice Accola reprised her role as Caroline Forbes in the show's spinoff, "The Originals," and appeared in films such as "Splitting the Bill" and "After We Collided. " She launched the podcast "Directionally Challenged" with her former co-star Kayla Ewell.

Accola has two children with her ex-husband Joe King. Kat Graham portrayed witch Bonnie Bennett on the show and has since appeared in films and TV shows such as "Love in the Villa," "All Eyes on Me," and "Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." She has also released music albums, including the single "Swim."

Graham was previously engaged to Cottrell Guidry and got engaged to Darren Genet in 2022 but they ultimately called it off.

Other cast members, such as Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Matthew Davis (Alaric Saltzman), Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson), Michael Malarkey (Enzo St. John), and Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Liz Forbes), have also pursued various acting projects since the show ended.