Lizzo and Adele's Wild Grammy Night: Fuelled by Good Vibes and Liquid Fun! 🥂💃🎉

Enter Lizzo, the sassy and talented "Good as Hell" singer. Lizzo joined the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday morning (Feb. 10) and spilled the beans about her wild night with Adele. As the two soulful divas bonded over their love for music, they found themselves indulging a bit too much in their favorite beverage: wine.

" I was so drunk," Lizzo confessed, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. "Me and Adele were drinking so much that we didn't even really know what the categories were at this point."

Can you imagine? These two phenomenal artists, lost in the haze of their wine-filled stupor, trying to keep up with the awards' categories. It was a hilarious sight. Lizzo elaborated, "We were like, 'Wait. Did they do best new artist?' We didn't even know when it was time and they would just call out names." All they could do was plaster smiles on their faces and hope for the best.

Then, the unexpected happened. Lizzo's hit song, "About Damn Time," won the coveted record of the year award. She was in shock. "When they called my name, I was in total shock because I didn't expect to win at all," she confessed, her voice filled with gratitude.

Now, here's where the story takes an interesting twist. Lizzo revealed that she didn't have a say in where she was seated, but Adele, being the superstar she is, had all the power. Before the big night, Adele FaceTimed Lizzo during Grammy rehearsals and excitedly shouted, " Oh my god, oh my god, we're sitting next to each other!" The thrill and anticipation were palpable.

To make the night even more memorable, Lizzo had a surprise in store. She had packed a flask of tequila for herself and another one filled with white wine for Adele. As the night wore on, Lizzo couldn't resist indulging in Adele's flask. She cheekily admitted, "I brought it for Adele, and then I drank hers," punctuated by a contagious laugh.

Oh, what a night it must have been. Two remarkable talents, lost in a sea of wine-fueled joy, celebrating their achievements and reveling in the music that brought them together. It was a night that neither of them would forget anytime soon.

So, there you have it, the tale of Adele's passion for wine and how Lizzo took it to new heights at the Grammy Awards. It's moments like these that remind us that even the biggest stars can let loose and have a great time. Cheers to Adele and Lizzo, two formidable forces in the music world, coming together for a night filled with laughter, surprises, and, of course, plenty of wine.