Doja Cat's Mind-Blowing Revelation: A Rap Odyssey for her Fourth Studio Album! 🎤🔥💥

In an exciting series of Tweets on Saturday, Doja Cat, the talented 27-year-old rapper, announced her plans for her upcoming fourth album. She revealed that the entire album would be purely rap music, a departure from her previous ventures into pop. Doja Cat excitedly interacted with her fans, sharing an image of three in-progress tracks titled Wet Vagina, Balut, and Agora Hills.

The news came as no surprise to her followers, as Doja Cat had recently shared a photo of her natural skin texture, embracing her true self. Her most recent album, Planet Her, released in 2021, had been a massive hit. But now, Doja Cat was ready for a change. In one of her tweets, she boldly declared " no more pop," which instantly sparked curiosity amongst her fans about the content of her third record.

A little while later, she confirmed in another tweet that her upcoming album would indeed be " rap only." She described feeling as though she had outgrown the pop genre, stating, "Pop isn't exciting to me anymore. I don't wanna make it."

Doja Cat also addressed her fans' opinions about her previous rap verses, acknowledging that some of them were "mid and corny. " Despite the criticism, she expressed her determination to continue making music and improve as an artist. She wrote, "I just enjoy making music, but I'm getting tired of hearing y'all say that I can't, so I will."

The journey of Doja Cat's musical career has been nothing short of impressive. She released her first album, Amala, in March 2018, followed by Hot Pink in 2019, which featured the chart-topping single " Say So" and reached number 9 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Now, as she gears up for her fourth album, Doja Cat is embracing her true passion for rap. In an interview with Elle, she revealed that she had always considered herself a rapper. She acknowledged that her singing skills had improved over time but emphasized that rapping was her true calling. She admitted that not everyone may appreciate her rapping style, but she used her voice as a tool to create unique musical worlds.

Doja Cat's fans eagerly anticipate the release of her new rap-only album, excited to witness her artistic growth and the magic she creates with her music.