The 10 Biggest 'Young Sheldon' and 'The Big Bang Theory' Connections

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady gave us a wild ride in 2007 with the successful sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Over twelve seasons, the show brought us hilarious and heartfelt moments, transitioning from a comedy about nerds to a coming-of-age series for the characters. In 2017, fans were thrilled to learn about a prequel spin-off, Young Sheldon, which provided the backstory of the eccentric Sheldon Cooper. Young Sheldon, now in its sixth season with one more to go, fills in the gaps of Sheldon's life. Both shows are closely tied to each other, with references, character arcs, and easter eggs that connect the two.

Here are 10 of the most remarkable connections between The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon that fans will love:

1. Soft Kitty: The iconic song, "Soft Kitty," is a recurring theme in both shows. In The Big Bang Theory, Penny sings it to a sick Sheldon. In Young Sheldon, we see the tender moment when Sheldon's mother sings it to him, explaining his fondness for the song.

2. The Relationship Contract: Sheldon's love for creating elaborate agreements is well-known in The Big Bang Theory. In Young Sheldon, he creates his first relationship agreement for his Meemaw and Dr. Sturgis, showcasing his love for order and rules.

3. Professor Proton: Professor Proton, played by TV legend Bob Newhart, is a beloved character in The Big Bang Theory. In Young Sheldon, we see Sheldon's admiration for the professor's science show and his arguments with his family over educational content.

4. "Bazinga!": Sheldon's catchphrase, "Bazinga!," is finally given an origin story in Young Sheldon. After being teased by his siblings, Sheldon adopts the phrase as his general catchphrase, showcasing his literal nature and love for jokes.

5. The Nobel Prize: The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon have a crossover moment in their respective finales. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy are awarded the Nobel Prize, while in Young Sheldon, Sheldon eagerly waits for the Nobel Prize announcement but learns the importance of companionship.

6. CalTech: Both shows take place in Pasadena, California, and mention CalTech, the university where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard attend. In Young Sheldon, Sheldon reflects on the university and gives viewers a glimpse of where he will sit with his friends in the future.

7. The Bathroom Schedule: Sheldon's regimented bathroom schedule is a recurring source of tension in The Big Bang Theory. In Young Sheldon, his bathroom schedule becomes a bonding moment between him and his father, showcasing George's attentiveness.

8. Comfort Tea: Sheldon's habit of offering a hot beverage as comfort is explored in both shows. In The Big Bang Theory, he offers Leonard a hot beverage when he's upset. In Young Sheldon, we see the origin of this gesture when he offers tea to a crying Paige.

9. George's Fate: The relationship between Sheldon and his father is further explored in Young Sheldon, revealing a deeper bond than expected. It sets up the inevitable tragedy of George's death, which is foreshadowed in The Big Bang Theory.

10. Sheldon and Amy's Future: The Big Bang Theory ends with Sheldon and Amy getting married. In Young Sheldon, their future is revealed through adult Sheldon's reflections, where we learn that they have a son named Leonard.

These connections between The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon create a rich and cohesive universe for fans to enjoy. Both shows offer a unique and endearing portrayal of Sheldon Cooper's life, from his quirks to his relationships. Whether you're a casual viewer or a hardcore fan, these connections add depth and nostalgia to the overall story.