Amazing! Full House' Star John Stamos Admits Drinking a Bottle of Wine After 2015 DUI


In a recent interview, actor John Stamos revealed that he resorted to heavy drinking after getting a DUI in 2015. He admitted that upon returning home from the hospital, he immediately drank a whole bottle of wine in order to forget what had just happened. Unfortunately, he never sobered up from that moment on.

Stamos described the perpetual cycle of drinking to avoid facing the harsh reality. "When you sober up, you have to look at the ugly truth, so you keep drinking," he explained. It was during this time that his friend, Matthew Perry, played a significant role in preventing him from quitting showbiz.


The incident had left a lasting impact on Stamos, and he expressed his gratitude towards Perry, saying, "I never forgot that." 

Through promoting his book, he admitted to a dangerous mindset he once had—feeling indifferent towards death. Stamos confessed, "I had Peter Pan syndrome, which is dangerous, you know. For the longest time when I was not sober, or I was fuzzy, I thought ‘I've done it all.’ I don't – I wouldn't – I don't want to kill myself, but I didn't care if I died." However, he quickly realized the error in his thinking and the fact that he still had so much more to experience and accomplish. 

John Stamos's journey to overcoming his alcohol abuse serves as an important reminder that even those who seem to have it all can struggle with their own demons.